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Prices will continue to rise every year.

Posted by Darrell Jones on

Tired of Rising High Prices

Shop Family General can associate with your pain and frustration. We are starting a movement at shop family general, and we will attack the high prices every chance we get.

What Is Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an affordable shopping place for every household member. I've watched prices even at discount stores increase by more than 25% in 4 months.  It is depressing to see prices increase at 20 to 75% and our wages only at 2% per year. How can we keep up if our income is riding on a turtle's back, trying to catch rising prices speeding up the highway on a race car.  The race is already over. 

What Can We Do

We at Shop Family General will act as a speed bump on this race track. The market is too large to stop, but as we grow as a business, and our prices continue to drop, we will eventually start to turn and slow down this big ship.

Take A Look At What we Are Doing

If you want to see what we are doing to combat this great train robbery, just visit us at and take a look at our Reduced Price Collection.  Everyday we are lowering prices on each and every item in our store until everything is just above cost.

Other Store Owners Are Upset

This may upset most as they are set to drain your pockets with highly inflated prices, but somebody got to do something. I was inspired when one of my colleagues at work had purchased an item online that cost him $150. I looked that item up and was able to stock it in my store at a 10% cost of what he had spent. I now have that item on sale for only $10. Sadly enough, we have become accustomed to things like this.

Come Join Our Movement

Join our movement and become a customer at Shop Family General and help us grow to provide an alternative place where everyone can go and purchase what they need without having to refinance their homes to do it.

Come to and join our mailing list and take a look at our many products. Most product prices are already lowered, but all items in the reduced collection is at the absolute lowest price anywhere. 

Thank you,

Darrell Jones (Owner)



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